10 steps to take care of your face to be beautiful and juicy, Korean version. Let me tell you this work. Aura is full.


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Have you ever wondered why Korean women have healthy-looking skin and an alluring aura? Especially if watching Korean series. You must always dream of having the same skin as the heroine or villain in the series. Today, I would like to pamper the girls by sharing 10 steps for skin care in Korean style. Follow up to see that the girls. Korea, how do they take care of each step of the skin?

1. Wash your face with an oil-based cleanser.
The first step that Korean women use to cleanse their skin is Using an oil-based cleanser Because this product will help completely remove makeup that is difficult to wash off. But the girls Remember to gently massage your face when washing your face. Then rinse thoroughly with clean water.

2. Wash your face with a water-based cleanser.
Coming to the second step is to wash your face with a water-based cleanser. This step will help ensure the cleanliness of the face. And help prevent acne as well.

3. Scrub the skin
Scrubbing the skin will help the old cells to come off. so that new skin can be restored So the third step is to scrub the skin. You can use a skin scrub formula that is suitable for your skin. But it is recommended to exfoliate your skin 1-2 times a week only. to prevent sensitive skin

4. Wipe your face with toner.
This step will help balance the skin. This is because the balance of the skin is lost after washing the face. Wiping your face with toner will help your skin be ready to be fully nourished.

5. Face mask
Facial masks add moisture to the skin. But it should be masked for the specified time. to prevent the skin from being absorbed by the moisture back It is recommended to use a face mask 2-3 times a week.

6. Apply essence
Applying essence is deeply nourishing the skin. Because the essence is rich in a variety of vitamins. and can be easily absorbed into the skin It helps the skin to be beautiful and healthy.

7. Apply serum
Applying the serum is to add moisture to the skin. Because alone, just applying the essence still doesn't make the skin moisturized enough for Korean women, so who wants to have a skin that looks juicy? It is recommended to apply the serum after applying the essence. Let me tell you that this step also helps to reduce dark spots and wrinkles as well.

8. Apply the cream around the eyes.
Korean girls will definitely not leave the skin in any one area. Especially the skin around the eyes that should be nourished the best. Especially if the skin is very sensitive. The more you have to pay attention to the selection of products. But it is not recommended to use products containing fragrances. Because it can cause irritation.

9. Apply moisturizer
Applying a moisturizer is to add moisture to the skin. So before the last step Should apply a face cream that contains moisturizer. Because it will help nourish the skin to the next level. It is recommended to choose a cream with a light texture.

10. Apply sunscreen.
Ending with target shooting, target shooting, target shooting, destroying, challenging challenges with SPF 30 PA+++ for a week... At least it's perfect for your skin.

How are you doing with the 10 steps to take care of your skin to be healthy and look like a Korean woman's aura? may look at many steps But let me tell you that the result will give you a feeling of being the heroine in the series. Let's just say the series is over. Do not forget to turn to take care of your face to be beautiful and healthy.

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