How important is exfoliation? to radiant skin Both face and body and how often to scrub


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Exfoliation is important to keep your skin looking fresh. Soft, gentle and pleasant to the touch, but the question is, how important is exfoliation? And how often should we exfoliate? What does scrubbing help with? Today, Sanook Women, we will bring the answer to your friends.

What does exfoliation help with?
Exfoliation is an essential step in nourishing your skin no matter what your skin type. Because it's good to get rid of dead skin cells and send out the dirt that clogs the pores.

Exfoliation is essential in skin care to keep your skin healthy. This will allow the skin to shed old cells and create new skin cells. The new skin cells will make our skin look brighter. as well as making pores smaller and less likely to cause acne.

How often do you scrub your skin? It depends on your skin. People with normal skin should exfoliate at least three times a week, which will help keep their skin softer and more radiant without excessive irritation.

For people with acne-prone skin It is recommended to exfoliate daily to ensure you get clean skin. Use a cleansing brush or scrub to give your skin a gentle cleanse. and most importantly for acne prone skin Should scrub your face in every The day before, clean your face with cleanser. Because cleansers sometimes can't get into some of the dirt deep in the pores, exfoliating is a great way to get rid of excess dirt and reduce its buildup. in the future

How often should I scrub my body?
Just like your face, the rest of your body needs to be pampered. to make the skin look radiant as well Use a sugar scrub. or sea salt mixed with coconut oil Sunflower seed oil for hydration 2-3 times a week. It is something that nourishes the skin as well.

A small trick I would recommend is exfoliating before shaving, it's a great option and will help you shave better on your sensitive skin. And it will allow us to shave more smoothly and the blade can be closer to the skin. Which means we don't have to shave often as well.

How do I know if I scrub my skin too often?
Exfoliation is a function of the products we use. We don't need to exert too much or too often to scrub. The way we notice that we exfoliate too often shows up on our own skin. whether face or body Whether it is redness from excessive exfoliation traumatize the skin If your skin has symptoms like that, it's best to stop and rest your skin and focus on moisturizing with a moisturizer.

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