5 secrets to take care of your skin to be beautiful and radiant naturally.


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1. Apply skin cream regularly.
Applying a moisturizer is like feeding the skin. How do people eat to keep their bodies healthy? Your skin needs food to nourish itself, too. So after every shower Always apply skin creams accordingly. Because it will add moisture to the skin, especially girls who like to take a warm bath. The more you need to apply nourishing cream twice.

2. Apply sunscreen every day.
UV rays from sunlight damage the skin and cause dullness. This leads to melasma, freckles, dark spots and wrinkles, so you should apply sunscreen daily. And even on days that are not out in the sun, you must apply sunscreen as well. because of the radiation from the lights inside the house As well as the light from the computer screen is another radiation that destroys the skin to cause dark circles.

3. Eat more fruits and vegetables.
eating fruits and vegetables will help the body get vitamins Minerals to nourish the skin from the inside to shine out to the outside as well. Such nutrients will help restore and protect the skin from the sun and pollution. It also helps the skin to shine brightly. Far from aging more with

4. Drink water often.
Drinking water will help flush out waste that is excreted through sweat and urine. It also keeps your skin healthy and hydrated, so drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day. After 2 weeks you can clearly see that The skin is soft and moist. clear without more dryness

5. Exercise regularly.
Exercise will help your body pump blood well. It helps to increase oxygen into the body and bloodstream, making the skin shine bright. Plus there's a lot of blood as well. In addition, regular exercise can help reduce the age of the skin incredibly.

In addition to the above methods, in addition, do you know that the skin will be beautiful, clear, firm, with the most aura? When we are fully asleep because if the body is resting The brain releases a blissful substance that relaxes the body and allows the skin to fully rest and restore itself. Just like this, you will have beautiful, healthy skin without having to invest in expensive creams.

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